By Mike Ballard

Living in a city surrounded by the sounds of cars, businesses and busy restaurants sometimes has the power to distract us from observing the nature and wildlife that is all around us. While there is a plethora of wildlife that frequents our properties, we tend to mostly see native horses, deer, antelope, squirrels and birds of many species.

One of our team’s favorite wildlife hotspots is our ongoing project in central Utah, Ephraim Crossing. Spanning 165-acres across rural land, it is never out of the ordinary to have animals stop by, but their captivating presence still halts us in our tracks every time they do.

Each time we are fortunate enough to see local wildlife, it serves as an opportunity to not only learn more about them, but it also deepens our appreciation for them. As our knowledge about their mannerisms and characteristics expands through observation, so does our understanding on how to properly and safely coexist and share space.

Once completely developed, Ephraim Crossing will become a vibrant gathering place for future residents and guests to enjoy animal-watching. This project will also serve as a multipurpose hub featuring a variety of housing, entertainment, retail and office space, indoor and outdoor recreation, higher learning and other essentials for all lifestyles.

Residential and business development is already underway, including the community’s first neighborhood The Estates at Ephraim Crossing. As we continue working diligently on this project, our goal remains to offer residents a balance of innovation and work with recreation and relaxation at their fingertips.