our approach to real estate investing.

Camino Verde Group invests in existing properties that need to be rehabilitated and in ground up developments. Many of our investors invest in both types and can typically see returns in excess of 16 percent per year, and sometimes twice that.

“My wife and I have known Mike Ballard and Kevin Romney each for decades. It was not until the last four years that my wife and I became professional investment clients. We did so because of our years of previous interactions, all of which had built enormous trust.

We began cautiously, and gained additional confidence with each investment. Our investments have met and occasionally exceeded our expectations. We received very thorough reports and updates on our investments.

We are now in our fourth year as clients, and our confidence has continued to grow. We feel that Mike and Kevin are very careful, prudent, complete their due diligence in prospective property investments, and have managed our mutual portfolios very wisely. We can certainly recommend them to any potential investors.”

– David and Carole G., Henderson NV



Camino Verde Group specializes in development or redevelopment, with a focus on projects that incorporate government incentives, in Opportunity Zones, or Historic, Abandoned Building, New Markets, Energy Saving or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

The Federal and local governments provide these financial incentives to improve specific neighborhoods or buildings. The vast majority of projects funded with these incentives are in inner cities or rural areas.

CVG’s principals have a track record structuring these incentives into the financing of distinctive and valued projects in housing, hospitality, retail and technology. We believe that great design incorporates patterns of living within a community and should enhance the lives of community members and stakeholders. CVG’s in-house expertise in deal sourcing and execution, as well as project and construction management, provides the foundation for success.


Acquisition & Renovation

We are opportunistic but disciplined investors. To date, we have focused mostly on multi-family apartment complexes that are considered workforce housing, based on age and/or condition. We take great pride in our investments and seek to systematically improve our properties and communities over time.

These properties generally range between 30 and 350 units, were built in the 1960s to 1990s, and range in price between $2.0 million and $40.0 million. We often focus on secondary and tertiary markets where we can achieve debt-coverage ratios in excess of 1.5 to mitigate risks in an economic slowdown.


Investor Relations

CVG has two important sets of customers; our residents and our investors. We serve our residents by improving their communities and their neighborhoods. We serve our investors with superior visibility and transparency into their investments, combined with positive returns. CVG provides timely, clear, and transparent reporting on the performance of its investments. We also provide prompt quarterly distributions from the excess cash flow of the properties and we provide prompt and accurate year-end tax reporting. We take pride in every property we own and welcome opportunities to tour our properties with our current and future investors.


We seek to provide the best value in class within the respective micro-markets for each of our properties. We focus on safety, comfort, and value for our residents, through fostering a sense of community, and with timely responses to service and repair requests.

By providing a best-in-class experience to our residents while keeping rents within market ranges, we expect to enjoy best-in-class occupancy rates, quality rent rolls, and lower-than-average turnover and delinquency.

We seek to balance ongoing re-investment in our properties with providing quarterly cash flow to our investors. By keeping our assets in good condition, we help assure the sustainability of the cash flows and optimize appreciation potential.

investment objectives

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It’s easier than you might think to double your money through investing. According to the Rule of 72, you can double your money in five years by earning around 14.4 percent per year. Real estate investing makes it even easier because you don’t have to rely on capital appreciation alone. Our returns to investors come from three sources: 1. Cash flows from rents less property expenses; 2. Debt is typically reduced each year by our paying down the property mortgages, 3. The property values generally increase five to ten percent a year. Many of our investors can see 15 to 25 percent annualized returns on a five year hold of an apartment property.

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